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K我是觉得这个方法很好,mayiwon.com将学习英语来运用到其他科目上去,从中让孩子的各个学科都能够均衡发展、共同进步。evin:How are you doing,Ann?

Ann:Fine.And you?How about your college life?

Kevin:Great!Our college is Arts and Sciences College of Sichuan Normal University.在线英语培训机构排名哪家好 这个网站最专业的资讯供您选择。

Ann:Yes,Ive heard about that it founded in 1999 and is one of the independent institutes of our province.

Kevin:Thats right.Its two campuses are located respectively in cities of Chengdu and Jingtang County.

Ann:How many hectares does it cover?

Kevin:It covers the areas of more than 66.7 hectares.

Ann:Wow,your campus must be very beautiful.

Kevin:Em,it has a good environment for study.

Ann:Any more information about your college?

Kevin:Over the past 10 years,as the result of the following college motto:Arts for Virtue,Sciences for Truth,Unity in Diversity,Progress in Development,it has accumulated rich experience in offering its educational programs.

Ann:Now,how many students are there in your college?

Kevin:The college now has a total enrollment of about 18,000 full-time students on campus.

Ann:How about teachers?

Kevin:Our college has a high level team of faculty and staff including 800 full-time faculty.

Ann:Huge number!

Kevin:Our college has also set up 2 research institutions and 14 departments.Our library has a lot of books in its collection and has access to many E-books of diverse content.

Ann:How many specialities does your college offer?

Kevin:Our college enjoys a reputation of high quality teaching and offers more than 60 specialties to undergraduates.

Ann:How about the enrollment rates in your college?

Kevin:The enrollment rates are very high these years.In the past few years,great progress has been made in its studentsenrollment and in its graduatesemployment.

Ann:Next time,if there is a chance,I want to visit your college.

Kevin:Welcome to our college.Next time,I can guide you to visit our campus.


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